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An appeal is a party’s last chance to remedy errors made in the trial court, or, conversely, a last hurdle that—if handled improperly—can eliminate all of a party’s hard-won gains.

In either case, the litigation of an appeal requires an expert writer with a laser-focus, who can reduce the entire record of a case to a handful of legal issues for consideration by the Court of Appeals. A poor writer can leave the Court of Appeals confused about the facts, or obscure the critical legal issues by including excessive arguments that are unlikely to succeed and that simply aggravate the Court.

Mr. Naim is an expert writer, having drafted countless briefs and motions throughout his tenure as a litigator, and has achieved positive results in both the state Court of Appeals and in briefs before the Ninth Circuit. In one case in which he represented the plaintiffs, he successfully condensed a record involving over 70 separate claims for different defamatory statements, and, though the trial court had sided entirely with the defendant in striking all of them, the Court of Appeals issued a decision reversing and reinstating the vast majority. See Park Wellington Owners’ Assoc. v. Edwards, Case No. B235623 (Cal. Ct. App. 2d Dist., October 25, 2012).

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